Amid pushing forward

Having started his musical career with the inaugural and only Bangladeshi Idol, Amid Hossain Chowdhury has come a long way, giving voice to several songs, jingles and projects throughout the decade. However, the talented singer had a stop-and-start approach to his music due to his career in the corporate sector. “It was indeed difficult to handle my passion and profession together, but I always found a way,” says Amid, who is the son of noted Rabindra Sangeet exponent Fahim Hossain Chowdhury. He won the blessing of Ayub Bachchu on national television on Bangladeshi Idol, and subsequently went on to be featured in the legend’s “Acoustica Live” project. However, the singer feels that it is finally time to dive into music full-time. “I have decided to give my art full attention,” he says, having left his lucrative job to pursue it. “If I do pursue a job in the future, I would want to work in the creative sector, where I would have the freedom to do both.” This Eid, he has sung for several tele-fictions, many of which are high profile. Shopnora Dana Mele, Tor Karone, Shokhi Go, Ma and Icche Ghuri are some of the songs that the artiste is hopeful about, releasing this Eid . “It was about time that I push forward with the one thing that I want to do for the rest of my life, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to do so,” concludes Amid.

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